Naomi Wuori

Project Coordinator, Competitiveness through data


Naomi Wuori works as a Project Co-ordinator in the Competitiveness through Data project. Naomi makes sure the project runs smoothly and supports the development of operating models for the sharing and use of data by innovation ecosystems.


Naomi’s approach combines theory and practice, drawing on her experience in the world of social sciences research and in organisational culture consulting.

She wrote her master’s thesis on the experiences of equality and non-discrimination among people who work in start-up ecosystems. Naomi seeks to lay the groundwork for equal and inclusive dialogue through empathy and curiosity. She enjoys dissecting complex topics to make them more accessible.

What else?

During her free time, Naomi likes to get her hands dirty. She enjoys crafts, especially clay sculpting. Naomi feels at home out in nature. The highlight of her year is a traditional wilderness hike in Lapland.

Naomi is fascinated by the use of interactive technology for societal change and the role that can be played by video games, for example.