Noora Lindroos

Specialist, Communications and Public Affairs, Sitra


Noora develops Sitra’s communications. At the moment she is responsible for making the digital communications more accessible. Noora worked before in the circular economy project as a communications expert.


A holder of a Master of Social Sciences degree, Noora loves open-minded experiments, making memes and working towards a fair and sustainable future. Noora has studied at the universities of Helsinki, Copenhagen and Gothenburg and at Aalto University. She also has experience in the field of social responsibility, gained when working at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, has worked in marketing communications at a communications agency, and has conducted research into occupational well-being at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

What else?

Noora likes to spend her free time wandering in the forest, boxing, dancing and going on adventures with her friends.

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