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Oona Tiainen

Project Coordinator, Resource-wise citizen, Sitra

+358 (294) 618 466


Oona Tiainen is interested in how to make resource wisdom and sustainable lifestyles a more integral part of everyday life. She works with online content and events and hopes to figure out ways to make daily eating sustainable.


Get in touch with Oona if you want to know more about 100 ways to be smart and sustainable or how people perceive food. She has previously done translations, created websites and handled communications for a yoga school. However, Oona has been interested in communicating about environmental issues ever since she was a student, which is what has taken her from a master’s degree in English philology to her current position at Sitra.

What else?

Taking the environment into account has sparked an interest in food, yoga and meditation – or perhaps it’s the other way around. As a dancer, Oona has a passion for Latin and show dance and she likes to cross-country ski in the winter.

Oona hopes that in the future plant-based food will be the norm and animal-based products an exception.

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