Paavo Räisänen

VP and Head of Europe, Enevo

Paavo Räisänen wants to transform the financial, social and environmental impact of waste.

He is currently a VP and Head of Europe of Enevo, a growth company that enables communities
with knowledge, services, and tools to reduce waste. Paavo is a member of Enevo’s management team and he was responsible for Solutions and Strategy before his current position. Before Enevo, Paavo has been a co-founder of Reddal and a management consultant at Accenture. During his professional services career, Paavo focused on global software, high-tech and industrial clients, while managing various strategy, go-to-market, and transformation efforts.

Paavo Räisänen is speaking at the following WCEF2017 sessions:

Mon 5 June at 14.15 : 17 Circular SMEs Meet the 17 SDGs

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