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Paula Laine


+358 (294) 618 487


Paula Laine is in charge of Sitra’s foresight, insight and strategy operations. The foresight team led by Paula is responsible for Sitra’s Vision for sustainable well-being and its Megatrends list, among other things. The strategy team facilitates Sitra’s strategy and assesses the social impact of its operations.


Paula has boundless enthusiasm for the future and sometimes struggles to understand why the burning issues of today are prioritised ahead of those concerning the future. After all, the future is shaped by the present and there are already urgent reforms needed to help us succeed ahead.

Paula’s career is equally divided between global business and societal change. She has around 15 years’ experience in supervisory work and management. Paula’s particular interests include the management of the future and the management of strategic renewal.

Her studies at Helsinki University of Technology focused on systems analysis and business strategy. She continues to use most of what she has learned, such as systems thinking, in her daily work, while continuing to expand her knowledge on strategies and management.

What else?

Paula lives on a small horse ranch and spends her free time developing it to become energy self-sufficient.

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