Per Bolund

Minister for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs and Deputy Minister of Finance, Sweden

Per Bolund has experience in politics and in sustainable infrastructure, traffic and development.

Currently the Minister for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs in Sweden, he started in the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications as a Political Adviser. He then became member of the Riksdag, Industrial and Energy Policy Spokesperson and member of the Committee on Industry and Trade. He later joined the Riksdag again as Economic Policy Spokesperson and Member of the Committee on Finance. He has also been Stockholm City Opposition City Commissioner for the Swedish Green Party and Member of the Stockholm City Executive Board Council. He represents the Green Party, and serves as the Greens’ spokesperson for finance policy, and is a member of the party’s board of directors.

Per Bolund is speaking at the following WCEF2017 sessions:

Mon 5 June at 14.15 : Circular Blueprints Gameshow – Driving the Economic Transition in the Nordics & Beyond

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