Per Klevnäs

Partner, Material Economics

Per Klevnäs is a partner at Material Economics, a consultancy specialising in the business implications of the shift to a more sustainable economy. An economist by training, Per’s focus since the early 2000s has been on the revolution in the energy and resource sectors. Previous roles have included being a core member of McKinsey’s Sustainability Practice, Research Director of the New Climate Economy Project, a senior manager at the Stockholm Environment Institute and Managing Director of an economic consultancy. 

 At Material Economics, Per helps companies set the right direction in the face of new business requirements arising from resource and sustainability topics. He works widely across energy, basic materials, manufacturing, the financial sector and utilities on strategy topics including investment due diligence and acquisition scanning, low-carbon growth strategies, investment planning, product and technology development, and regulatory strategy. 

 A particular current focus is on how the opportunity of a more circular economy can be translated into value creation for both society and companies. In 2018, Per was the author of a groundbreaking study showing how a more circular economy could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from materials production by more than half. In 2019, this was expanded in a follow-up study that articulated how a more circular economy combined with breakthrough production systems can achieve pathways to fully net-zero CO2 emissions from steel, chemicals and cement. 

 Per has a background in research and has worked extensively with government and philanthropic agencies. He was a lead author of the New Climate Economy report and has been an analytic partner of the Energy Transitions Commission since its inception. 

 Per holds an MPhil in Economics and an MA in History, both from the University of Cambridge. 

Speaking at the following WCEF2019 sessions:

Tuesday 4 June at 14.00-15.30: The carbon-neutral industry in the circular economy

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