Petri Lehto

Senior Lead, Health data 2030


Petri Lehto works as a Senior Advisor in the Health Data 2030 project. His work focusses on the competitiveness of the health sector and the use of health data.


Before joining Sitra, Petri spent over 15 years in central government, mostly at the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and its predecessor, the Ministry of Trade and Industry. With his past duties being related to renewal, innovation policy and promoting Finland’s competitiveness, there was significant overlap between Sitra’s and Petri’s interests. Petri has also broadened his perspective on the growth of the health sector, working as the head of policy and communications for a large US-based pharmaceutical company.

What else?

The theme of renewal is also present in Petri’s free time: he is working on learning to play the guitar and piano. Music is close to his heart, as are sports and reading. If he has time, he likes to play tennis – there’s always something new to learn. Feel free to contact Petri if you share his enthusiasm for renewal!