Petri Virtanen


+358 (294) 618 442


Petri Virtanen and his team support the renewal of leadership in the Finnish public sector. He is responsible for the “flagship programme” on public-sector leadership, counselling and experimentation related to leadership, and co-operation with stakeholders. Petri is also an Adjunct Professor at the universities of Helsinki, Tampere and Lapland.


Petri has been working in different public administration leadership duties for over 25 years. He has a doctorate in social sciences and he is an expert on questions of public administration leadership, owing to his experience in leadership, education and training, consulting, development and research.

What else?

Petri spends his spare time with his family. His favourite places are Finland’s greatest city (Turku) and municipality (Kustavi). Petri’s hobbies include writing knowledge-intensive books and articles and exercising (when he is not busy doing other things). He also enjoys travelling.

Petri believes good public administration to be an essential theme for societal development. That is what keeps him excited about administrative issues day after day.