Petteri Mäkeläinen

Senior Lead, Communications and Public Affairs


Petteri is a Senior Lead in Sitra’s Fair data economy theme. He is in charge of the innovation ecosystem for the forestry and process industries, which aims to strengthen Finland’s competitiveness through the sharing and use of data. The cornerstones of Petteri’s work include joint innovation and learning as well as the development of new operating models.


Petteri has diverse experience in the service and technology sectors. He is familiar with trailblazing digital companies and is inspired by the significance of their effect on society.

During his career, Petteri has promoted sustainable growth in many different ways and managed the strategic development of various customer relationships. He is a strong proponent of open-minded thinking, believing that it promotes goal-driven shared learning and supports renewal.

What else?

Petteri likes to think about answers to “why?” questions and he strives for continuous development and improvement. Physical exercise, creativity and nature are important features of his hobbies. He particularly enjoys the Arctic scenery and hiking in the mountains.

Petteri sees the future as being fair, sustainable and inspiring. That future will be achieved through co-operation and the use of tangible solutions that make the most of technology.