Pia Mero

Specialist, Foresight and Strategy


Pia Mero looks into the future from the point of view of foresight and knowledge management. Like everyone else, Sitra is also moving to a post-information services era. It means that organisations have to introduce increasingly sophisticated methods for analysing information material in a world saturated by information.


Pia is a sociologist with an analytical approach and has long experience of working for Sitra. Having worked originally as a research and development director and later as a specialist in different teams, she has gained a perspective on many of Sitra’s activities.

Moreover, Pia is an anthropologist (or rather an ethnographer) and is available whenever a person who can think out of the box is needed.

What else?

In Pia’s opinion, caretakers, conductors on trams, and village schools should be reinstated. The money that has been saved by doing away with them has been lost in the erosion of society and communities.

On the other hand, good things are usually born again in another form. Pia has learned to trust that this is what happens. Her heart’s desire is that coffee breaks during the working day will be reinvented. They are a simple and efficient way to take care of communication in workplaces.