Reijo Aarnio

Senior Advisor, Fair data economy


As a Senior Advisor and together with the Roadmap for a Fair Data Economy team, Reijo works to make data processing systems better serve people better, drive economic growth and support the well-being of people and society.


Reijo is a lawyer with extensive work experience in both the private and public sectors. He is a multi-talented expert in information law and particularly in data protection. Reijo has witnessed the development of this increasingly important field of law almost since its inception.

His long experience as the Data Protection Ombudsman also enables him to see data and digital issues from a European and global perspective.

What else?

When Reijo is not helping the Fair Data Economy team, you might find him in the kitchen cooking Mediterranean food or outdoors cycling and admiring the wonders of the world.

As an eternal optimist, Reijo believes that the Roadmap for a Fair Data Economy will show the way towards an increasingly decent world, in which everyone has a good digital quality of life.