Riina Pulkkinen

Leading Specialist, Societal Training and Development, Sitra
Kuva: Miikka Pirinen / Sitra
Kuva: Miikka Pirinen / Sitra


When Sitra Lab gathers developers, change-makers, decision-makers and solvers of societal problems to work together, Riina is likely to be found somewhere nearby. Riina Pulkkinen plans and implements Sitra Lab processes, observing them from the point of view of societal problem solving and innovation activities.


Riina is an expert in different innovation environments and development platforms. She is particularly interested in design thinking and the opportunities it provides for the development of new societally important solutions.

Riina has been involved in development programmes such as Ratkaisu 100 and Maapalloliiga (‘Globe league’). In addition, she has previously worked as a facilitator, entrepreneur and researcher. Riina is a regional scientist and urban designer specialising in innovation environments. She also holds a master’s degree in administrative sciences.

Contact Riina if you would like to talk about participation and how more and more people could be involved in building solutions that develop society’s capacity to function. And of course, about new methods and ways of developing solutions that improve everyone’s well-being.

What else?

Riina is a tireless fan of crafts, who tries to cut down her use of post-it notes. In her free time, she encourages young people to vote actively with a help of good pizza and uses ginger in everything she cooks.

Riina will not stop reminding people that creativeness, innovativeness or entrepreneurial qualities do not depend on titles or personal abilities. They are skills and logic that can be learned.

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