Riina Pulkkinen

Leading Specialist, Sitra


Riina Pulkkinen is a member of Sitra’s Ratkaisu 100 team. Riina is responsible for ensuring that the challenge prize is realised in a sensible, human-centric way from the point of view of the problem solvers.


Riina has developed different innovation environments and is an experienced trainer in design thinking. She has previously worked as a facilitator, entrepreneur and researcher. Riina has a Master of Administrative Sciences degree from the University of Tampere.

She replies very quickly to any questions concerning the content of Ratkaisu 100, facilitation of innovation processes or service design.

What else?

The future-dog Hertta is Riina’s reliable companion on walks to cafes in the centre of Helsinki (or Hervanta!). In addition to Hertta, her family, exercise classes and the occasional dose of whimsy are the sources of joy in Riina’s life.

In Riina’s view, creativity or innovativeness are not characteristics. They are skills that all of us can learn.

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