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Riitta Silvennoinen

Specialist, Sitra

+358 (294) 618 439


Riitta Silvennoinen is a specialist in the Circular economy focus area. Riitta wants to put Finland on the global map by means of forest-based and technical loops and circular economy competence and education.


Contact Riitta if you have any good ideas for co-operation or new openings in the circular economy that are associated with forests, industry or education.

Riitta has previous experience in industrial circular economy projects and the research world.

Riitta has a licentiate’s degree in chemical technology and is qualified to teach chemistry and mathematics.

What else?

Riitta is inspired by new ideas and projects, especially if they improve the world. It’s a good idea to take Riitta into the forest to relax and eat on a regular basis, because this keeps her happy and energetic.

Riitta believes that in the future we’ll be eating cricket or worm balls instead of meatballs, and she hopes that children will also be enthusiastic about this prospect.

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