Riku Vahala

Professor, Head of the Department of Built Environment, Aalto University, School of Engineering

Riku Vahala is a professor and Head of the Department of Built Environment at Aalto University’s School of Engineering. He specialises in water supply and sanitation, and his current research focuses on resource efficiency and the control of emerging pollutants in water and wastewater treatment. Before his academic career, Riku worked for 10 years in the water industryas a member of EUREAU’s Drinking Water and Wastewater Commissions and as chairman of the European Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WSSTP). 

Professor Vahala is currently involved in the NPharvest project, an innovative R&D project funded by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment for developing nutrient recovery technologies from liquid wastes. 

Speaking at the following WCEF2019 sessions:

Tuesday 4 June at 14.00-15.30: The circular economy for water

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