Rosa-Maria Mäkelä

Specialist, Digital power and democracy


Rosa-Maria Mäkelä, or Roosis, is a Specialist in digital power and democracy at Sitra. In her work, she seeks solutions to challenges to democracy posed by the rapidly changing media environment, disinformation and misinformation. Roosis is particularly passionate about building bridges across all kinds of boundaries – whether between people or things.


Specialising in EU and international matters, Roosis has a Master’s degree in social sciences and economics. Her enthusiasm for internationalism stems from her student days, when she lived in the United States and Bangladesh, among other countries. Previously, she worked in government, the European Commission, organisations and academia in the fields of democracy, counter-terrorism and strategic communications.

What else?

Roosis likes adventuring in her “soul landscape” on the moors of Northern England and for her, the best way to relax is with a historical novel.

She predicts that by 2030, emotional skills will be one of the most important civic skills.