Saara Rimon

Senior Lead, Nature and daily life


Saara works in the Sustainable everyday life team, which works internationally to help make sustainable everyday life possible around the world. Saara is an expert on the Smart everyday living competition for companies. The programme helped Finnish companies to develop competitive products and services that inspire Finns to make sustainable choices in everyday life. In her hands, the networks become an active and industrious group of people working hard to achieve a shared goal.


Saara is an experienced project director and likes doing things that inspire her. She finds working together with people important. Her Master’s degree is in business administration and economy, but time spent abroad working and studying has shaped her personality and the way she works more than her education.

What else?

Travelling and dance from different countries have been Saara’s hobbies since her youth, and, as a counterbalance to her active lifestyle, she goes to yoga every now and again.

Saara thinks that in future we may be able to work conveniently and efficiently regardless of time and place, and even for several employers at the same time.