Saara Saarinen

Senior Led, Societal Foresight and Training


Saara Saarinen is Leading Specialist in Societal Training and Development at Sitra. Saara works in the Methods of change project, which looks for answers and solutions to drive societal change and increase capacity for change.


Saara is a passionate ambassador of fast, agile and creative work. Get in touch with her if you are interested in the combination of design and learning or in human-driven design.

In addition to design, visuality is an important way for Saara to perceive the world and make it more comprehensible. Language also plays a key role in achieving an inspiring future. Saara is interested in human approach and eliminating bureaucratese.

Saara has extensive experience in marketing communications, the academic world and leadership of central government design projects. She has participated in the development of various learning design tools and the State’s digital learning environment, among other things.

Saara’s educational background – Master of Arts, Bachelor of Culture and Arts, and Vocational Teacher – is a solid foundation. However, in her opinion, thinking by doing is one of the most efficient working methods for a designer and you can learn that only by experimenting boldly.

What else?

In her free time, Saara can be found on a tennis court, at a dance lesson, in an art exhibition or occupied with a creative, manual project. As a mother of identical twins, she has learnt that intuition is a huge asset that could be used much more efficiently also in working life.