Sami Syrjälä

Specialist, Nature and daily life


Sami is a specialist in the Nature and Daily Life project. Through his work, he inspires people to make sustainable choices in their everyday lives and to imagine a good life within the carrying capacity of the planet. Sami also promotes understanding of the health effects of nature and sustainable eating habits.


Sami has been sensitive to social injustice ever since he was a child, when he decided to become a vegetarian while still in daycare, a decision he has stuck to for over 20 years. Sustainability and responsibility have also played a key role in his work and study choices later in life.

Sami has been involved in many activities at Sitra, including the organisation of the World Circular Economy Forum WCEF. His previous work experience includes promoting the circular economy at the Finnish Embassy in Nairobi where he participated in the conferences of the United Nations Environment Programme and the European Green Deal. He has also worked for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in the Department for Africa and the Middle East.

Sami graduated from the University of Helsinki with a Master’s degree in Social Sciences, majoring in global sustainability. He completed his Bachelor’s at the University of Turku, majoring in economic sociology, and is now pursuing a Master’s degree in circular economy at LUT University.

What else?

Sami enjoys leisurely morning walks and believes that it is important to take time to enjoy “dull” moments with little stimulation.

He believes that in the future, consumers will be more critical of artificially generated needs and will internalise leisure and well-being as more valuable luxury products.

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