Sara Yrjönmäki

Trainee, Circular economy for biodiversity , Sitra


Sara Yrjönmäki works as a trainee in Sitra’s circular economy team. When the team needs support with background research, ideation or communications, they can always rely on Sara.

The circular economy is a topic of interest for Sara because it makes it possible to bring together a tremendous number of various parties to collaborate and solve major global challenges.


Sara’s enthusiasm about sustainability cuts across everything she does.

With an educational background in two different languages, Sara has always been interested in internationality and global trends. Sara graduated from Leiden University in the Netherlands in summer 2020. In her bachelor’s degree programme in International Studies, her studies in international affairs, economics and culture focused on problems in society and ecosystems.

Sara has worked on the topic of circularity in various contexts, including for a competition in which she worked on a proposal for circular economy models concerning state-owned bridges in the Netherlands and as part of an internship at the Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE) in The Hague.

What else?

Sara’s conversations with new international acquaintances inevitably drift to the topic of sauna and her summer cottage. When staying at her summer cottage is not possible, she enjoys spending time in the mountains as well as in castles and concert halls.

Sara believes everyone has the right to a good life and a healthy environment, which is why Sitra’s work is so important.


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