Sari Laine

Senior Lead, Nature and daily life


Sari’s daily work is to figure out how people become inspired to make a change and how small actions become habits. She works in the Sustainable everyday life team looking for agile ways to test new operating models through experimentations and strives to gain a better understanding of what it is that motivates us all to make our everyday life more sustainable.


Sari has several years’ experience in human-centric design in the development of different activities. The culture of experimentation, sustainable development and making a change at the grassroots level are currently her main interests. Previously, Sari has worked as a business management consultant and has been involved in developing working life by means of design thinking. She has studied at Lappeenranta University of Technology and at the University of Cambridge.

Currently, Sari and the whole Sustainable everyday life team works internationally to help make sustainable everyday life possible around the world.

What else?

As a novelty enthusiast, Sari is always looking for new ideas, trends, places and phenomena.

To Sari, the best things about life are curiosity, hiking, swimming, yoga, being involved in her children’s hobbies, reading, and cooking with her three daughters and her husband.

Sari believes that, although the development of technology will help us live in a more sustainable way in the future, we – people – are the solution and there will be a renaissance of appreciation for “humanity” in the middle of all the hype about  AI and robots.