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Sari Virta



Sari Virta is a communications, development and training specialist. Sari is responsible for the communications for Sitra’s Societal Training and Development with a special focus on Sitra Lab and Lifelong Learning. Sari believes in the power of co-operation and communication as drivers of change.


Sari has experience in management and leadership as well as organisational development, training design, consulting and teaching. She is an endlessly enthusiastic and curious networker who thrives on nurturing a wide range of interests. Learning, collaborative development as well as systemic and human-centered approaches are the cornerstones of her work.

During her studies at the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, Sari concentrated on communications, languages and international business. After a career of two decades, she completed her doctorate on the management of tensions in creative content development work, which left her with a lasting interest in questions surrounding network-based co-operation. In addition to her doctoral research, Sari has also studied communications, organisational consulting, project and human resource management, digital technologies, creativity and education.

What else?

Sari finds pleasure in her friends, the sea, music, good food and exploring new parts of the world. Sari’s motto is: There are much more interesting things happening and far better expertise outside rather than inside my own head – the future is created in co-operation!