Satu Valorinta

HR Specialist, Sitra
SItra. Photo: Miikka Pirinen
SItra. Photo: Miikka Pirinen


Satu Valorinta is an HR assistant in Sitra’s Human Resources team. The job description of an HR assistant is fairly broad and diverse, as an assistant does a “bit of everything”, from assisting with recruitment and orientation to managing employee benefits and drawing up different reports. Satu also takes care of the practical arrangements when a new employee starts, and there is of course no shortage of new employment relationships in a project organisation!

Every day brings challenges and something new to learn.


Satu has several years’ experience in different assistant roles, both in small companies and in large international organisations. She has a degree from a university of applied sciences and graduated from the degree programme of service entrepreneurship.

You can contact Satu about all HR matters, but especially about those related to working hours monitoring and employee benefits.

What else?

Satu spends her free time with her family and pursuing different hobbies, such as outdoor activities, running, football and films. Satu is interested in holistic well-being and she is a keen reader of blogs on the topic. Philosophy is another favourite topic and Satu’s circle of friends is familiar with her in-depth reflections and discussions on the meaning of life.