Susanna Nurmi

Trainee, Communication and Public Affairs, Sitra


Susanna Nurmi is an expert in summarising scientific findings into concise texts and now works as a trainee in Sitra’s future-oriented communications. She puts her communications acumen into good use especially in the foresight and strategic teams, increasing awareness of future-oriented thinking. At Sitra, Susanna also develops her graphic design skills.


Susanna holds a Master’s degree in political science and knows how to think outside the box. Contact her when you need to find key insights regarding complex matters. Susanna’s academic career also includes future studies, which inspired her to preach the gospel of future-oriented thinking. Susanna enjoys being involved in communications around societal themes. She has worked as a Content Creator in a student-owned company and as a trainee in a communications agency specialising in science communications. Susanna is at her best when acting as an interpreter between scientific and societal content and the general public that is hungry to know more.

What else?

Susanna loves discussing societal issues and has to be careful she doesn’t spend her weekends talking about structural problems. Her preferred forms of everyday escapism are browsing memes, doing sports and frequenting cultural events. Susanna is inspired by the visuality in everyday life and situation comedy.

Susanna believes that in a political discussion, you also need the ability to envision utopias.

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