Suvi Kiesiläinen

Specialist, Finance and Administration


Suvi Kiesiläinen is developing and supporting Sitra’s project activities and leads the redesign of Sitra’s project management system. Also, she supports and develops Sitra’s project activities. She makes sure that big visions lead to concrete tasks and results.


Suvi navigates daily between Sitra’s business requirements and the possibilities technology offers us. She is also exploring the fascinating world of change management and communication.

Previously, Suvi led the Working Life Prize project and worked in Sitra’s focus area on the information society. Now, you can ask her about projects related to the national service channel and electronic services.

Suvi holds a master’s degree in social sciences from the London School of Economics.

What else?

Suvi is happy to take part in different projects and activities even in her free time. At the moment, singing is her favourite hobby, but she also enjoys music in the audience.

Suvi believes that technology is going to solve many of our daily problems by 2030, yet time offline will maintain its value.