Suvi Sojamo

Post-doctoral researcher and Project coordinator, Aalto University

Suvi Sojamo is a post-doctoral researcher and project coordinator at Aalto University who has spent the last 10 years researching and developing principles and practices for sustainable water use and corporate water stewardship, in Finland and internationally. Her work has involved collaboration with NGOs, governments and companies.  

She is currently coordinating the Academy of Finland’s strategic research project, From Failand to Winland”, which is investigating future energy, food and water security. 

Suvi also leads the development of the Finnish Water Stewardship Commitment, a joint initiative between Finnish research institutes, ministries and the WWF. The commitment challenges Finnish companies to assess water risks and to develop sustainable water use and governance, and to make Finnish companies the most responsible water stewards in the world. 

Speaking at the following WCEF2019 sessions:

Tuesday 4 June at 14.00-15.30: The circular economy for water

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