Taina Hanikka

Specialist, People and Culture


Taina Hanikka is a human resources development specialist at Sitra. She is passionate about developing work communities, and believes that the heart of Sitra is the people who work there.

Taina develops Sitra’s operational culture and supervisory work and helps Sitra experts blossom in their work. She believes that the most interesting things happen at organisation interfaces both inside and outside the organisation, and at the edges of each person’s comfort zone.


Taina is the person to contact concerning matters related to developing the competence of Sitra employees.

Previously, she worked in communications expertise development at Infor and handled communications assignments at Kemira. She has experience of managing networks, sales and marketing work, digital communications and product development.

What else?

In her free time, Taina loves nature hikes, viewing the morning mist on the lake surface, art exhibitions and watching sci-fi series on Netflix.

She believes that the future will be just the way we imagine it will be. That’s why it’s a good idea to imagine exciting, wonderful and interesting things that can be experienced with robot and human friends.