Tapio Anttila



Tapio Anttila is Sitra’s Senior Advisor. His work is mainly related to training programmes and operational development.


Tapio’s background is in education business, the banking sector, universities, the Ministry of Justice and in various positions at Sitra. During his career, he has become acquainted with personnel development, education and facilitation from a number of different perspectives. His doctoral dissertation was in the field of risk-management regulation in banks, but jurisprudence has recently played a minor role in his work. Tapio finds cross-societal strategy processes and facilitation projects the most interesting and challenging tasks in his work.

What else?

In the evenings and at weekends, you will often find Tapio on the football field coaching the juniors of the Puotinkylän Valtti football club or cycling around Eastern Uusimaa. He spends his summers in the outer archipelago of Sipoo. In the middle of the summer, the algal blooms in the sea regrettably often prevent swimming and offer him a reminder of the state of the Baltic Sea. Tapio writes a blog called Monologia dialogista (A monologue about dialogue), in which he combines two of his passions: dialogue and football.

Tapio believes in dialogue, the future and – of course – dialogue in the future.