Tarmo Toikkanen

Senior Lead, Competitiveness through data


Tarmo Toikkanen is Leading Specialist in the A Roadmap for a Fair Data Economy project. His specialities are learning, unlearning and competence development from the perspective of both individuals and organisational cultures. 

His mission in life is to save the world’s children and adults from bad learning experiences. He believes that all of life is learning and that therefore learning should be organised so that it is engaging, fun, effective and sometimes even a little unusual. 


Design, technology, learning and open knowledge/data/culture. When you find a place where these four come together, you will also often find Tarmo. His career has taken him on a long journey from software geek to journalist, teacher, psychologist, non-fiction writer, design researcher, facilitator, startup entrepreneur, open licensing and copyright expert, NGO activist and now also Sitra employee. 

Contact Tarmo if you feel you need knowledge, skills or insights to develop issues related to open data, MyData or the data economy. 

What else? 

In his free time, Tarmo promotes the things mentioned above but through different associations. He runs Creative Commons Finland’s operations, is the General Executive of the non-profit organisation Open Knowledge Finland and is active in many other organisations. 

For exercise, he likes badminton and cycling. Books, films and games (board, party and digital games) help him take his mind off work-related matters.