Taru Ryske

Project Coordinator, Foresight


Taru Ryske works in Sitra’s Health Data 2030 team and on the Joint Action Towards European Health Data Space projects, which develop operating models for the use of health data in international collaboration and promote Finland’s competitiveness in this area.

Taru’s role is devoted to ensuring that the projects run smoothly and support the European ecosystem built around health data.


Taru has experience in international event organisation, stakeholder liaison work and innovation and technology projects, particularly with start-ups and investors.

With a master’s degree in social psychology, she approaches global phenomena from multiple perspectives: from that of the individual, communities, cultures and societies. Taru has also studied communications and social and public policy and, for her master’s thesis, she conducted research into the factors behind the success of start-up entrepreneurs.

What else?

Outside the office, Taru achieves her flow state in the swimming pool, yoga class or kitchen. She loves Mediterranean and Baltic cuisine in equal measure (and the socialising that goes with it).

Taru thinks that long-term collaboration and creating suitable support environments are key to improving people’s well-being in today’s fragmented attention economy – and that Sitra plays a crucial role in this important work.