Tiina Härkönen

Senior Lead, Democracy and participation


Tiina Härkönen is a Leading Specialist within the Digital Power and Democracy project of the Democracy and Participation theme at Sitra. Together with individuals, businesses and organisations, she builds a balanced data economy so that people’s fundamental rights can be realised. The aim is to create more well-being with data, distribute digital power more fairly and support democracy with the use of data.


Tiina has had a long career in business and has been working with data from the very beginning. Contact her if you are interested in data practices that are fair from the point of view of individuals or society or new digital civic skills. Tiina also likes to talk about digital power and the powers that be – and the role of every one of us in the digital power game.

Tiina’s jobs have been almost exclusively in the ICT sector (Nokia, Elisa, SAS Institute, OpusCapita), where she has worked in managerial positions in marketing, communications and business development. She joined Sitra in 2018 after customer and marketing analytics management and development tasks at Posti.

What else?

You can never be in such a hurry that there is no time for reading. Her shelf is stacked with Swedish detective stories, English history, humour and books on making the world a better place. In addition to her close ones, the loves of her life include the Finnish archipelago and carefully selected trips to different corners of Europe.

Systemic change can only be achieved by pursuing change and working for it. As Wayne Gretzky said: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”