Tuula Tiihonen

Senior Lead, Democracy and participation


Tuula is inspiring company because she loves social innovation and enjoys putting ideas into action. She is a veteran of social welfare and healthcare at Sitra and a pioneer in digital healthcare, having left her mark on a number of healthcare innovations such as the service, welfare centres, remote doctor service concepts and the genome strategy. Tuula is currently involved in the launch of Sitra’s Democracy and participation theme, which aims to promote people’s participation and influencing opportunities.


Tuula originally joined Sitra as a specialist in impact measurement and she is an economist by training. However, she is first and foremost an experiment-oriented multidisciplinarian for whom nothing is impossible. Tuula has a special interest in people, democracy and the services of daily life. She primarily approaches issues from the perspective of the customer.

What else?

Tuula believes that we are in a time of major transformation and that digitalisation will entail the transfer of power from institutions to people. We should turn this transformation to our advantage by promoting participation in society. After all, it is a matter of the interest of the individual and the nation – and what the future will hold for all of us.