Tuuli Kaskinen

Executive director, Demos Helsinki

Tuuli Kaskinen is think tank director specialising in sustainable business strategies and inspirational routes to change.

With over ten years’ versatile experience tackling climate change, she’s found systemic modelling and shared value thinking to be the key tools in the development of sustainable innovation. Before Demos Helsinki, Tuuli worked on environmental politics and cooperative networks at the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) and has worked and volunteered at the urban environmental group Dodo. Tuuli joined Demos Helsinki to run the Ilmastotalkoot climate campaign, she has led the Peloton project, worked as a programme curator during Helsinki’s Design Capital year and has created a sustainable development plan for the Fiskars Village. She is also a speaker, commentator and facilitator, and serves as an advisor and a member of several boards.

Tuuli Kaskinen is moderating the following WCEF2017 sessions:

Mon 5 June at 14.15 : Collective Impact for Sustainable Consumption and a Circular Economy

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