Veera Hyytiä

Project Coordinator, A roadmap for a Fair Data Economy, Sitra


Veera works in Sitra’s Lifelong learning project with topics such as service design, lifelong learning and how to encourage discussion in society.


Veera wants to promote pluralism and increase mutual understanding between people in societal discussion. She has studied design, management and project planning at the Danish entrepreneurship school Kaospilot. Veera is interested in helping people trust in their opportunities to drive positive change in their lives and more broadly in society.

Get in touch with Veera if you need someone to facilitate, visualise, find new ideas and bring focus into a meandering discussion.

What else?

In her leisure time, Veera enjoys working with her hands and trying new things in her allotment garden, in the kitchen and with ceramics.

Veera believes that the community-based and experience-oriented nature of learning will be emphasised in the future.