Circular economy minor subject: business and new technologies

The five laboratories of Tampere University of Technology comprise a multidisciplinary consortium which brings technical and business perspectives to circular economy teaching.

What is it about?

Tampere University of Technology (TTY) is designing a minor on the circular economy based on three central principles: internationality; co-operation between society and the business world; and teaching methods that are diverse, flexible and interactive. The goal is to provide a multifaceted perspective on the circular economy. Most of the courses are suitable for students in technical, humanist or business fields.

What do we do?

TTY is creating and developing 10 circular economy courses that will serve many different fields of industry and science. The courses will teach, among other things, how technology can be used to promote the sustainable use of natural resources such as raw materials, nutrients and water, and how to promote the profitability of new technologies, products and services that support the circular economy.

Because the promotion of the circular economy is a worldwide challenge, nearly all of the courses will be held in English. In addition, the teaching will make use of the participating laboratories’ international connections, for example through inviting guest lecturers from aboard. In this way, the courses will highlight the circular economy as an international phenomenon with all its global dimensions and variations. For some of the courses, no prior knowledge will be required, and supporting online materials will be provided to students where needed.

Who is participating?

Five TTY laboratories are involved in developing the project. These are the laboratories of Chemistry and Bioengineering; Industrial and Information Management; Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Systems; Materials Science; and Civil Engineering. Teaching will be based on the TTY laboratories’ up-to-date research and will support Finland’s rapidly developing expertise in this field.

Where have we got to so far?

Course outlines, materials and study units are being prepared during the 2017-18 academic year and the first courses will be held in Spring 2018 and during the 2018-19 academic year. After this, the courses and study units will be integrated as part of TTY’s basic courses and will also be available to students from other universities as JOO studies. JOO is a national agreement between universities, which provides students of Finnish universities the opportunity to include courses from other universities into their degrees.


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