The circular economy as part of a basic Business degree

Ended project: 10/2017 – 9/2019

Luksia developed a recycling store that allowed students of different disciplines to implement the circular economy in practice as part of their studies.

What was it about?

The project was part of the Circular economy teaching for all levels of education package implemented between 2017 and 2019. Sitra’s vision was that all graduates should understand what the circular economy means from the point of view of their work and day-to-day life, and what decisions and actions they can take to promote the circular economy. The aim was to increase expertise in the circular economy in Finland by extensively developing circular economy training, materials, concepts and co-operation from different points of view for all levels of education. More than 50 educational institutions, organisations and businesses took part in the package.

What was achieved?

Luksia (Western Uusimaa Municipal Training and Education Consortium) developed a learning environment replacing conventional classroom teaching for Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration studies. The new learning environment is named koulutuskierrätysmyymälä LukStore (in Finnish), selling donated clothes, tableware, household goods, books and sports equipment. Textile, wood and interior design students at Luksia designed and implemented LukStore’s proprietary recycled product brand What !f. They also built a wagon as a shop display stand for the What !f range of clothes, pins, lighting fixtures, mobile phone pouches, jewellery racks, etc. The materials used for the products are primarily LukStore surplus.

Within Luksia, business and administration students and faculty as well as students and faculty from several other disciplines were engaged in the project.

Learning by doing in the new learning environment replaces conventional classroom teaching. The operations of the recycling shop also involve extensive multidisciplinary co-operation within Luksia. The themes of the circular economy are a natural part of Luksia’s future operations and all teaching in Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration studies.

Visit the recycling shop LukStore website (in Finnish).

Who was involved?

Sitra funded the project, and the people responsible for the project at Sitra were Nani Pajunen and Riitta Silvennoinen. Luksia students and several teachers were involved in developing the recycling shop. Both the development work and working at the recycling shop will count towards the students’ degrees. Luksia also co-operated with several other educational institutions that are reforming teaching in the circular economy.


Nani Pajunen
Senior Lead, Sustainability solutions

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