Data Spaces Support Centre

The Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC) is a project funded by the European Union, in which Sitra is a partner. The project will define a common set of rules to support data space work and create a digital support centre for data spaces.

What is it about?

The DSSC project is a joint project funded by the EU’s Digital Europe programme to identify the needs of data space initiatives, define common requirements and develop common policies. The project will establish a digital support centre for data spaces in Europe. The project is part of the EU’s data strategy.

Data space Data space A set of mutually agreed principles and rules for sharing and exchanging data within or between different sectors. Open term page Data space is an infrastructure based on common principles and rules (governance model) for the reliable sharing of information in data ecosystems Data ecosystem Several data networks can form a data ecosystem, “a network of networks”, in which the members collaborate with each other to share and use data, as well as to boost innovation and new businesses. Open term page Data ecosystem . The common European data space aims to provide a seamless digital solution for the development of new data-based products and services.

Data spaces can be identified in the health, industry, agriculture, finance, mobility, Green Deal, energy, public sector and skills sectors.

The DSSC project will provide an international perspective and influence on the development of data spaces and the opportunity to apply the principles of the Fair Data Economy to future data sharing Data sharing Transfer of data between two or more parties. Open term page Data sharing solutions in Europe.

The project started in October 2022 and will end in March 2026.

What do we do?

The work to be carried out in a collaborative project will take the form of work packages (WPs) involving the project partners.

In particular, Sitra is involved in developing building blocks for the governance and business models of data space projects, such as the Fair Data Economy Rulebook and data productisation models.

We will put these lessons into practice by testing the tools developed in the DSSC project in data sharing experiments funded through Sitra’s Gaia-X project.

Who is involved?

The DSSC project involves 12 organisations. The coordinator is the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. In addition to Sitra, the Finnish partners are MyData Global and VTT.

Other partners are BDVACapGemini Belgium, FIWAREGaia-XIDSAKU LeuvenGalwayn yliopisto and TNO.

The project also has 16 associated members, including DIGITALEUROPE and aNewGovernance.

Where are we now?

The Data Spaces Support Centre project started in October 2022 and will end in March 2026.

You can follow the progress of the project on the DSSC website and on the European Commission’s project database.

The Data Spaces Starter Kit, Glossary, Blueprint and other materials are regularly updated on the DSSC website.

In spring 2023 and 2024, a major international data space event, Data Spaces Symposium, were held, and we organised study trips to the symposiums for the Finnish delegation.

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Anssi Komulainen
Project Director, Gaia-X Finland

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