Finland needs a cohesive ICT (information and communications technology) service architecture. The ICT2015 report highlights a common national ICT service architecture as one of the 21 critical paths needed for a friction-free Finland. Advances are to be made towards achieving this under various projects led by the Ministry of Finance. Sitra supports the implementation of the measures proposed by the ICT2015 working group and the ministry’s projects by, for example, financing the data exchange layer trial runs carried out in Lahti and Espoo.

Building an ICT architecture based on a data exchange layer poses many challenges with regard to linking existing systems to the layer and making the layer’s deployment run smoothly. Public administration, and the municipal sector in particular, needs new skills and co-operation for making full use of the new layer-based system and adapting to this new type of data exchange concept.

The success of public ICT projects can be supported through developing the skills of subscribers. Sitra is able to provide funding through this project for 5 to 10 municipalities willing to develop their skills in using the data exchange layer. The key participants in the project are the local authority leaders in various business sectors and information management representatives.

Sitra provides funding for municipalities that show an interest in the deployment of the data exchange layer, and that have the capability to implement practical trials and, at a later stage, to start using the data exchange layer’s production environment. The first pilot project will be carried out by the city of Forssa and Forssan seudun terveydenhuollon Ky.

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