Gaia-X – cornerstone for a joint European data ecosystem

We are building standards, ground rules and infrastructure based on European values for a data ecosystem that openly shares data, promoting Europe’s well-being and competitiveness.

What is it about?

The European Commission has decided to make this Europe’s “Digital Decade”. This will require digital autonomy and the establishment of standards and rules based on European values in the use of data from Europe. Sitra’s fair data economy theme creates tools and solutions that make it possible to share data in ecosystems that flourish more freely.

The Gaia-X project strengthens Europe’s digital self-sufficiency and right of self-determination regarding data, free access to the market and new value creation, modularity, interoperability and user-friendliness.

The German-French joint initiative has grown quickly and already involves seven different EU member states and hundreds of businesses. The development work is being co-ordinated by the Gaia-X foundation. Businesses can participate in the development work through national Gaia-X hubs.

What are we doing?

Sitra is preparing Finland’s role in the project by co-ordinating the Finnish hub and Finnish parties roles and opportunities in it. The Finnish hub connects the parties between different ecosystems, political measures and practical experiments.

Who is involved?

A large number of parties have been involved in the preparation work. VTT has been active in contributing to Gaia-X from the beginning, as have the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and Business Finland. The Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Transport and Communications have provided the national specification task of Gaia-X with political insight, while business-related aspects have been represented by the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK), Technology Industries of Finland and DIMECC.

In the preparation phase of the project, the first specific activities have already begun to take shape around the Finnish hub. The industrial space work has already started and is led by Aalto University and DIMECC, and additional interested parties are being sought to join this work. Working groups in the Smart Cities, Health and Mobility areas are also taking shape.

In addition, the GAIAXPACE project co-ordinated by VTT involves implementing a test environment for Gaia-X services, data spaces relating to eight different industries and creating business models and experiments based on them, as well as research that supports them. In addition to VTT, more than 20 companies and research institutions are participating.

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