In cooperation with Sitra, the Ministry of Finance and the Prime Minister’s Office have launched the Governments for the Future project to find ideas and new insights for executing significant state administration reforms. In Finland, the project’s results will be used for topical reforms – such as a central administration that aims for more consistent government – and in other development work at state administration level.

The state administrations of various countries are currently working on reforms in a climate where there are several simultaneous financial, technological and social changes taking place. Change is permanent rather than temporary. Organisations must have the sensitivity to adapt to changes and to anticipate them in complex operating environments.

The respective administrations of Sweden, the UK (including the separate devolved Scottish authority) and Austria have been invited to contribute. The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) is also a cooperative partner in the project. Through OECD cooperation, the project promotes international interaction and the distribution of best practices in international cooperation between administrative developers.

The project will be executed in two stages. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the execution of the first stage. With the administrations of four other countries, the goal is to share experiences of central administration in terms of tackling current and future social challenges.

Sitra is acting as a partner in the project and is responsible for the execution of the second stage. Sitra’s goal is to support and promote the development of central state administrations’ strategic steering abilities in terms of meeting change-related challenges. The second part of the project will analyse the opportunities afforded by strategic agility and applicability to the management and reforming of public administration.

Additional information

Governments for the Future

Finland developing future state administration (VM and VNK bulletin 23 May 2012)

Ministry of Finance: Katju Holkeri, Finance Counsellor,
Prime Minister’s Office: Sirpa Kekkonen, Counsellor,