Like an old village community but using modern means, the project implements the ideas of sharing responsibility for common issues and promoting the interests and well-being of the community through the production of local services.

During the project, local services will be produced in the Lahti region in a new way: working together as a community and according to the principles of social responsibility, but within the framework of a market economy. The operating concept will be developed and used as a foundation for creating a peer production approach, which may be applied even more widely and which allows regional adaptation.

The aim is to create, by way of new corporate structures and new methods for municipal service production, procedures and tools with which local residents themselves will organise the services they need in cooperation with the local government and businesses. The project is concerned with developing, piloting and introducing a peer production model as an alternative model which complements municipal service production. The impact will also be assessed from the perspectives of different stakeholders (local government, businesses and local communities).

The project offers Sitra an opportunity to pilot the construction of a peer production model and collect experiences gained from it. The aim is to promote the well-being of citizens by increasing freedom of choice by increasing options in public service provision. In this project, the structure of the local community provides the framework for peer production: the community-based service providers will form partnerships with public services for the benefit of the community. Another goal is to envision the future challenges of the public sector relating to diversification and resources (personnel and finances) and potential solutions.

The project will be carried out in cooperation with LAKES (Lahti Regional Development Company) and Kehityspolut Oy.

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Jari Ylinen, Kehityspolut Oy, tel. +358 400 877 570
Jari Eskola, LAKES, tel. +358 40 821 6403

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