A new kind of development culture – releasing the potential of employees

Public administration organisations are under severe pressure when it comes to productivity, efficiency, customer orientation and the development of well-being at work. The new kind of organisation is proactive and agile, and is an open and transparent networker which supports the use of employees’ development potential by developing strategic competencies in accordance with the principles of a learning organisation.

The road to this ideal state is long, however, particularly if the organisational culture fails to support the new alignment. Change requires not only structural reforms and process efficiency, but also changes in culture. We need a new kind of development culture in the public sector.

The purpose of the Pathways to Empowerment process was to find solutions for challenges in public administrations. Theses challenges come in the areas of leadership, management, restructuring and resources, and need to be tackled within the context of operating method reform.

During the project, we looked at different development perspectives and approaches, methods and tools. We highlighted new perspectives of management research and challenge the participating organisations to create new empowering ways of working and developing working life.

Workshops were held on themes chosen during the kick-off seminar, and we explored the opportunities provided by different approaches through examples. The themes included the following:

During the workshops the participants familiarized themselves with different methods of participation and being present. During the process the participants grew an understanding for the importance of dialogue, deferring and changing perspective.

The key insights of the Pathways to empowerment process are found in a short animation. The videos related to the Pathways to Empowerment process are available on the Uusijohtajuus website (in Finnish only).