The purpose of the Productivity from Quality of Work Life (LATU) project is to improve the standard of working life and community management through an employee-driven approach, and to increase efficiency at work and reduce personnel expenses.

The project will be carried out with the town of Lieksa and the municipalities of Hollola, Punkalaidun, Masku and Siikajoki.

The project aims to create an efficient development model which enables participation and increases measured profitability in local administration organisations. This will achieved by improving the quality of working life and using the innovation potential of employees.

Improving productivity should not come at the cost of sacrificing quality and reducing capacity. The development model will be piloted twice in each local government organisation participating in the project.

Working life-driven development will be integrated in supervisor work and in the management system of each local government organisation. This ensures the availability of competencies, indicators and tools for further productivity development by the organisation itself after the project.

During the project, the following elements will be created for the organisations taking part:

The success of development efforts in the local government organisations will be actively monitored and evaluated throughout the project and the results and experience gained will be deployed in 2013. Rondotrainig Oy and Dazzle Oy were chosen as service providers for the project on the basis of a call for tenders in spring 2011.

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