Public-sector leadership training

We strengthen the leadership skills, ability to reform and the future-oriented knowledge and skills of public administration through an extensive training programme.

What is it about?

A rapidly changing operating environment calls for a new kind of flexibility, openness to change and unity from public administration. Sitra’s “Renewing the public sector – enabling management” training strengthens the ability of public-sector leaders to handle challenges and supports the public sector in the reform of its social role.

What do we do?

To meet the needs of senior management of ministries and agencies, we have developed a training programme that includes six modules and a total of 11 contact teaching days.

The themes of the training modules are:

  • global phenomena and the public sector’s ability to renew
  • new operating models for complex phenomena
  • alternative systematic approaches from around the world (international study trip)
  • from public administration to service
  • leading people and renewing the leadership culture
  • putting new practices and lessons learned from experiments into practice.

Throughout 2017 and 2018, we are holding six courses that will attract 140 senior civil servants from central government. The training groups are compiled cross-governmentally so that each course includes representatives from different ministries and agencies. In addition to expert presentations, the training includes workshops, practical interim assignments that support learning, peer sparring and practice experiments related to the current challenges of administration and enabling leadership.

The training has a dual focus: 1) building knowledge and skills for the future; and 2) enabling leaders to create the future together.

Who is involved?

The steering groups from all of the 12 ministries and the senior management from a few agencies will participate in the training. The following agencies are involved: Kela, Finnish National Board of Education, the National Audit Office of Finland, the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority and the Population Register Centre.

Sitra’s team has developed the content of the training. A large group of Finnish and international experts is also involved in the implementation via keynote speeches and training sessions.

Where are we now?

The first of the six courses began in September 2017, and the last period of the last course will end in December 2018.

The “Renewing the public sector – enabling management” programme represents a vast investment in Finnish society by Sitra. It continues our work over the decades as a provider of challenging training programmes for key people in society.

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