“A reviving village within a city – People, cities, companies, organisations and communities creating services” is a project launched by the City of Hämeenlinna, which aims at creating concrete methods for developing services for children and young people. The project model is based on life cycle stages. Services will be developed from the user perspective and in bold and creative ways across traditional sector boundaries. The village community-based operating model will be implemented in two chosen pilot areas. Coordinated by the City of Hämeenlinna, the project involves the cooperation of businesses, organisations and communities, local residents and Sitra.

The project will be carried out in two pilot areas and it will consist of three interlinked sub-projects: action models based on customer understanding and a user-focused approach; a local multiprovider model including new service concepts and innovative procurement; and the village operating model. The project also involves a research study.

The purpose of the customer understanding sub-project is to create and pilot a local operating model which promotes customer understanding and a user-focused approach. The purpose of the local multiprovider sub-project is to create concrete service concepts and a service agreement model utilising a network-based multiprovider approach. The village operating model sub-project is a description of the village community-based operating model.

The research study seeks to answer questions such as how to combine a customer-oriented operating model with service provision concepts utilising the multiprovider model, and the provision of local public services according to the model based on life cycle stages.

The project is related to the implementation of the City of Hämeenlinna’s urban strategy and service and procurement strategy.

Further information: 
Project page on the City of Hämeenlinna website
Hämeenlinna’s Village within a City page-on Facebook
– Intermediate report 1 What do we know about the customers’ needs? (2011, in Finnish)
– Intermediate report 2 A reviving village within a City– People, cities, companies, organisations and communities creating services (2011, in Finnish)
Reports on the micro-pilots (in Finnish)

Contact persons:

Markku Rimpelä, Director, City of Hämeenlinna, tel. +358 3 621 2555, firstname.lastname@hameenlinna.fi

Kirsti Mäensivu, Director, Well-being Services Development Unit, City of Hämeenlinna, tel. +358 3 621 2213 firstname.lastname@hameenlinna.fi1.4.2010;31.12.2011;Public Leadership and Management Programme

Intermediate report on the Village within a City project (15 September 2011) (in Finnish)

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