Round table for labour-market organisations

Nurturing well-being and competitiveness requires a shared understanding about where we are and where we are headed. Sitra’s round-table activities directed at labour-market organisations aim at enhancing a mutual understanding of the situation.

What is it about?

Rapid technological development and changes in international power relationships and demographics are having a powerful effect on the economic operating environment and the labour market, as well as on the content of work. The changes affect both the world of Finnish business and those who work as wage earners or entrepreneurs, as well as Finland as a state and as a part of Europe.

Key megatrends and many of the effects they have on society attract widespread publicity, but a shared vision of the speed, depth and consequences of the change is not as discernible. Sitra’s round-table activities targeting labour-market organisations seek to clarify the mutual understanding of the current situation and help define the future we are headed for.

To strengthen well-being and competitiveness in Finland, we need the ability to enact reforms that anticipate change and take them into consideration. Successful reforms involve a balanced combination of the needs of the present and the future.

Significant reforms require strong trust. Shared understanding and learning together build both mutual trust and the prerequisites for a desire and an ability to change.

What are we doing?

Sitra is organising and facilitating various meetings, workshops and study trips, employing methods to improve trust-building dialogue. The events are implemented using what is known as the Chatham House Rule.

Round-table activities are based on the interest of participants and on demand. The substantive aim is to offer visions for the ongoing change “beyond the horizon”, which means things whose significance will take on greater emphasis in the future.

Who is involved?

The participants include leaders from key labour-market organisations, while a host of other representatives contribute depending on the topic. The activities are supported by a group of experts advancing the handling of substantive themes.

Where have we got to so far?

Sitra has organised several different types of activities for labour-market organisations over a number of years, from meetings in Finland to study trips abroad. The work launched to help understand the fast technological development is aimed especially at questions of changing demands for skills and know-how, and at lifelong learning.

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