Siilonmurtajat experiments

We are helping ministries and associated agencies to develop cross-sectoral experiments which get support from Sitra for their implementation.

What is it about?

Complicated phenomena and rapid changes demand a more comprehensive approach from government. The traditional way to deal with societal challenges is to chop them up into parts and to examine them from the point of view of individual administrative areas. This model does not work in all situations.

The most significant information for the development of society is created where different organisations interact. The Siilonmurtajat (silo breakers) experiments promote such interaction, as well as cross-sectoral development and management, whether it be in terms of customer relationships or service chains.

At the same time, we establish a base for public administration activities that will help the public sector to react quickly and in a co-ordinated manner to various societal challenges. Experimental development is a learning process, testing what works and what does not along the way. The best practices will be made available for everyone to use.

What are we doing?

We will develop experiments promoting cross-sectoral working methods, service processes and future-oriented management. We will design, implement and evaluate the best ideas in collaboration with ministries and associated agencies in 2018.

Where are we now?

We invited all employees of ministries and associated agencies in Finland to put forward their ideas and to propose cross-sectoral administrative experiments. The application period ended in January 2018. We received a total of 50 ideas of which four were selected to Siilonmurtajat experiments.

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Milma Arola
Senior Lead

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