The city of Järvenpää is a launching a project which aims to implement the transition towards a customer-oriented process-based operating model and organisation. The project sub-areas focus on developing a management system, the creation of service units and resources, and customer-oriented operating models. A separate assessment will be carried out on the project. The project is related to the Järvenpää city council’s policy decisions concerning the renewal of the city’s operating model and management system (4/2008) and the change programme (11/2009) confirmed by the council.

The mission of the city of Järvenpää is to “ensure all residents the basic prerequisites for a decent life by interacting with the residents, communities and other local governments”. The resident – customer – is the starting point for all activities. The management system must serve the management in the planning of activities and finances, as well as target-setting and monitoring. To ensure that the change will not stop at the administrative level within customer-driven service packages, functional management structures and practices must be created on the operational level as well. Key issues in the development of the management system concern the nature of the municipal board system needed, the nature of the city’s management structure and management group, and the ways in which process-based services are linked to the management system.

The project life-cycle is four years. The new operating method and new organisation will be created in stages in 2010–2012, and the new model will be fully operational in 2013.

Further information on the project can be found on the website of the city of Järvenpää and the Facebook page of Järvenpää’s Director of City Development

Contact persons:

Minna Karhunen, Director of City Development, city of Järvenpää, tel. +358 10 820 4501

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