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Published May 9, 2017

The changing relationship between people and goods

Success in business requires understanding customers, getting close to them and analyzing their behavior. Figuring out what truly makes customers tick is key. This allows the creation of tangible and intangible products that customers truly desire and the communication of these benefits in the best way, in the right place at the right time.

Sitra received an opportunity to participate in an honestly international study on changes in consumer behavior with Alice Labs. We were excited, because this type of broad understanding is precisely what is needed: the lessons from this study must be available to Finnish companies. We also wanted Finland as a country to be included in the study, so that we could compare Finland to other countries. Where are we lagging, where might we be front runners? Where do the greatest opportunities lie?

It is our hope that this report will also provide the reader insights on the role sustainability plays for consumers, as well as tools for bringing sustainability to the fore. A common refrain is that consumers care about sustainability in surveys but only about price when in stores. This study provides some thoughts on how sustainability often plays an important part in creating a well-rounded product.

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The changing relationship between people and goods


A fresh perspective on our need for "stuff" and the role of sustainability in emerging consumer behavior


Oskar Korkman & Sharon Greene

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52 p.




sustainable consumption, consumer behavior, goods, shopping, life style, consumer society, emerging markets, business, industry, technology

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