Published January 15, 2018

Climate Impact Report 2017

Companies Listed on Nasdaq Helsinki

ISS-Ethix Climate Solutions have been commissioned by Sitra to assess the climate impact of the companies listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Main Market for the financial year 2016, reported in 2017.

The following assessment is the third annual review of the companies in the Nasdaq Helsinki. Similar to the previous years’ reports, this report analyses the carbon footprint and climate impact of Nasdaq Helsinki, benchmarked against multiple other indices, including Nasdaq Stockholm, MSCI ACWI and low-carbon indices. This report goes further than last year’s, adding additional analysis factors and expanding the qualitative research.

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Climate Impact Report 2017


Companies Listed on Nasdaq Helsinki


Maximillian Horster, Robert Rosenberg, Fredrik Fogde, Harshpreet Singh, Patrizio Trapletti (ISS-Ethix Climate Solutions)

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Sitra and ISS-Ethix Climate Solutions


49 p.


market listed companies, investments, investors, financial markets, climate change, carbon footprint, greenhouse effects, greenhouse gases, climate risk, carbon risk, climate effects

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